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Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket

Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket


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Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket

Sale Price: £20.30

Vendor Limelyght
Product ID V34-10101610842300
Price £20.30
Weight 0.32 kg
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Condition New
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LimeLyght brings this joyfully-hued blanket which seamlessly blends with any nursery's decor, adding a quirky quotient. The blanket features animals pattern and can be used from either sides. Made from pure cotton, this blanket is soft to touch and breathable. This offering has been knitted by artisans from North India. Knitting in North India is a popular craft, primarily because of the extreme temperatures. A skill passed down from a mother to her daughter, it is common to see the women of the family engaging in the craft, dexterously manoeuvring loops of yarn with their hands. Knitting is a versatile craft, known to render a host of patterns with its myriad stitches
Color : Pink
Production Method : Knitting
Material Description : 100% Cotton
Size (L x B x H) : 39.5x31x0 Inches
Weight : 316g
Care Description : Gentle hand or machine wash with mild detergent. Wash dark colors separately and low tumble dry. Do not bleach
Disclaimer : Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm | This product has been made from cotton, hence minor variations in color, pattern, texture are a part of the charm. Every offering is unique and bears the artisanal stamp of exclusivity
Pack Contents : 1 Baby Blanket

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